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亚博直播黄软件:CBA揭幕战出炉:广东VS浙江 易建联缺席吴前对决小科比
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亚博直播黄软件:CBA揭幕战出炉:广东VS浙江 易建联缺席吴前对决小科比

On September 29, Beijing time, there are still 18 days before the new CBA season kicks off. According to the latest reports from domestic media, there is a high probability that the CBA opening match will be started by the ten crown winners Guangdong and last season’s big dark horse Zhejiang, but the defending champion Guangdong will Lack of core Yi Jianlian. The two sides will stage a battle of four foreign aids (Zhejiang has three foreign aids, only two of them). Wu Qian and Kobe Brooks will lead a duel.


The CBA League for the 2020-21 season will officially start on October 17th. The CBA has not yet announced the official schedule. The first two stages of the game will start in Zhuji, Zhejiang (Zhejiang Guangsha home), still adopting the format of the tournament system.

2020-21赛季CBA联赛将于10月17日正式开始。 CBA尚未宣布正式时间表。比赛的前两个阶段将在浙江诸暨(浙江省广厦市)开始,仍然采用比赛系统的形式。

According to the latest reports from the domestic media, the opening game of the new CBA season has surfaced, and the high probabilit亚博直播黄软件y will be Guangdong vs. Zhejiang. Among them, Guangdong won the first place in the regular season last season, and passed the playoffs all the way, especially in the semi-finals victory over Beijing and Liaoning in the finals, successfully completed the defense, and also won the 10th championship in team history.


It's just that Guangdong core Yi Jianlian was injured in the third game of the finals. He suffered an Achilles tendon rupture. He has gone to the United States for rehabilitation after undergoing surgery. Therefore, there is a high probability that the new season will miss the game, and it is naturally impossible to play in the opener.


As for Zhejiang changed to the all-China class in the rematch stage of last season, they ranked 6th in the regular season and defeated Shanxi in the first round of the playoffs, and then regrettably lost to Liaoning and stopped in the quarterfinals. They are still a big dark horse team.


Guangdong has confirmed the double foreign aid for the new season. They retained Wilms and Brooks. Brooks failed to play in the rematch stage last season. Zhejiang’s three foreign aids in the new season have been confirmed. They renewed the two old players Brandon Paul and Landsberg, and also signed the NCAA European center Rakosevich, but according to the regulations, Zhejiang can only play two. foreign aid.


Guangdong and Zhejiang started the new season opener. Such a strong matchup is naturally exciting. Last season's regular season Guangdong double kills swept Zhejiang. The duel between Wu Qian and Kobe Brooks is very exciting. After all, Wu Qian is already in the rematch and has proved himself to be a top domestic defender. Of course, there are Wilms, Zhou Peng, Zhao Rui, Brand Paul and Cheng Shuipeng. And so on, they will also become an important factor affecting the battle.


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