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Recently, according to U.S. media reports, Wizards star Bradley Bill bought a mansion for $6.8 million in Venice Beach, Los 亚博直播黄软件Angeles. Such a move will inevitably lead to speculation: Does Bill want to leave Washington to play in Los Angeles? ?

据美国媒体报道,巫师明星布拉德利·比尔(Bradley Bill)最近以680万美元的价格在洛杉矶的威尼斯海滩购买了一座豪宅。这样的举动必然会引起猜测:比尔是否想离开华盛顿去洛杉矶打球? ?

In the 19-20 season, Bill performed well, averaging 30.5 points, 4.2 rebounds and 6.1 assists per game. He ranked second in the league in scoring and played the be亚博直播黄软件st season of his career. However, the Wizards eventually missed the playoffs. It was also the second consecutive year that the Wizards missed the playoffs.


As one of the best shooting guards in active service, Bill clearly desires a higher stage, and he is fully worthy of a higher stage. Therefore, in these two seasons, Bill's performance has become more and more impressive and the Wizards' record has always been poor. There are endless news about Bill's possible departure. Among them, the Los Angeles duo can be said to be the two closest teams to him.


Before the Lakers traded Davis, some media suggested that the Lakers should chase Bill, whose contract was about to expire at that time. But in the end, the Lakers were unwilling to pay too many young players for Bill, and the trading rumors stopped. Last summer, Bill almost came together with the Clippers. Before Leonard decided to join, he provided the Clippers management with a list of people eager to cooperate. Among them was Bill's name, and the media had According to reports, Bill's name was in front of George. Compared to George, Leonard was more willing to cooperate with George, but the Clippers failed to get Bill and eventually got George.


However, with the loss of the Clippers this season and the dismissal of Rivers, the team will definitely make some adjustments to the lineup during the offseason, so it is entirely possible that they will continue to pursue Bill. According to previous media reports, George At present, he has lost his heart in the locker room of the Clippers, and his teammates do not approve of his behavior. In this case, the Clippers may realize Leonard's late dream and use George as the main bargaining chip. Bill, obviously, if the Clippers are willing to play George, then the Wizards are likely to accept the trade.


The current Wizards team, although it has a quasi-superstar like Bill, but because Wall has not played for nearly two years and his annual salary is close to 40 million US dollars, he will seriously affect the future of the team. In this case, Even if Bill stays on the team, it is difficult to have good results. If the Wizards can use Bill to trade for future assets or players they think can support the team, then the Wizards will not treat Bill as a non-sale.


From the perspective of technical characteristics, the 27-year-old Bill is undoubtedly more suitable to partner with Leonard. Compared with George, he has better ability to break the ball and dribble the ball, and his style will not conflict with Leonard. In other words, the effect of the combination of Bill + Leonard is expected to outperform George + Leonard.

从技术特征的角度来看,现年27岁的Bill无疑更适合与Leonard合作。与乔治相比,他有更好的破球和运球能力,而且他的风格不会与伦纳德产生冲突。换句话说,Bill + Leonard合并的效果有望超过George + Leonard。

We all know that when a player buys a house in another city, it is a potential signal for him to leave the team. For the 27-year-old Bill, it seems that it is time for him to change his environment. In his entire career, he has entered the season 4 times. The playoffs never ma亚博app下载地址de it to the conference finals, which is obviously inconsistent with his strength. If he can come to the Clippers and cooperate with Leonard, his career is expected to reach new heights.


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